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and your Information will always be kept secure. is an exceptional Copper Moonshine Still & Distillation Supplier whose mission is to “Produce High Quality Distillation Units and Sell them for Affordable Prices.” is out of Nashua, NH and all their products are American Made. The Company has revolutionized the still industry by inventing a new technology. Their new paramount design has taken the distillation process to a new level.

This innovative design is called Flame-Flow™ and is patent pending! This Unit will heat up in half the time, and will be less likely to scorch or burn your mash. The new technology also saves you time and money. The Flame-Flow™ heats up the unit faster which in turn keeps you from using an abundant amount of propane. You can also control the heat of the still easier and more accurately.

Stills have very valuable qualities. You can distill water, make essential oils, perfume, cosmetics and soaps. They can also be used for making food flavoring, adding senses to incense and house hold cleaning products. You can also make your own moonshine and spirits. Most important uses for a still would be making your own medical antiseptics and ethanol gas.

These stills will last you a lifetime and produce a much more refined and exquisite final product.  All stills produced by  are 100% guaranteed, also because they are all copper they are guaranteed to give you a product that will satisfy or your money back!

The company’s use of high caliber copper is superior to their competition. They also only use led free silver solder making their products all led free! stands behind all their products with a 100% guarantee!

All the company’s products are packaged with the finest material and shipped to your door without delay. You can place an order online or call. The company makes everything so effortless that the only thing you have to worry about is when you can start distilling!