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Very likely to be the future of distilling.

Be one of the first to own our Flame Flow™

Be a leader in the moonshine revolution

Join the movement.  Our Patented design heats up in half the time and reduces scorching for a finer tasting liquor. Our copper distillers are built to last with 20 oz 22 gage materials.  Our Flame Flow design works best with propane flame and is sure to impress you.  Developed in 2016 by Home Moonshiners Inc.  and has revolutionized the way people distill at home.. 

The Flame Flow is built just like our standard moonshine stills, but, instead of a flat bottom, the bottom has 4 tubes which let the heat actually travel through the moonshine still for maximum distillation effeciency. To date 10/30/2018, we have sold 473 complete Flame Flow units and had 32 leakers.  All of which were repaired and replaced. The Flame Flow Design is still being perfected as much as possible.  One day we are confident that ALL of our moonshine stills will be Flame Flow Distillery Units. 

Our Flame Flow Distillers put Home Moonshiners Inc. ahead of the competitors.  No one can offer you a 17 minute heat  up time on a 6 Gallon pot still.  This is measured at half of the time it takes fora standard 6 gallon pot still to heat up. The Flame Flow Home Distiller also helps you conserve your propane and control your still temperature easier. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself and see how easy it is to distill with a Flame Flow Home Distiller. Now is a better time than ever to own a copper distillation device, why not make it a Flame-Flow?

A Flame Flow is a rum still on steroids. Home Moonshiner Inc. rum stills are the only true Flame Flows you can buy still. A Copper Whiskey Still is the same as a Pot Still. An Ethanol Still for sale is the same as a pot still as well.  Whisky Stills for sale the same thing too.  Its all the same, a vodka still, rum still, small still, large still, they are all going to make liquor. You want to know where you can buy moonshine? You don't, you make it your damn self. If you are looking for a small still for sale, you came to the right spot.  Our Home Distillery Moonshine Stills are built to last and will last generations. Home Distillers are proud to run their flame flow moonshine stills. If you are thinking about making a pot still, think again, you can have one already built for you for the same price and save yourself time and energy. 

We do not have cheap moonshine stills for sale,  the quality is not cheap, the price may be.  We see our competitors trying to get way more than what we are asking for our product.  We are the best in the business for a reason, it is our 14 years of assembly experience as well as being taught by Steven StillZ himself. 

Home Moonshiners Inc. manufactures moonshine kits as well.  Moonshine stills kits are for sale on our websites.  Moonshine still kits do not come with the Flame Flow Option. Our Home Brew Still For Sale is sure to light up your life with excitement.  Making your own shine in the comfort of your own home is the way to go, hands down. Home Moonshiners Inc. will help you order a moonshine still from the best in the business.  Manufactured copper distillers in the heart of Nashua New Hampshire. Come and visit any time you want at 50 Bridge Street Nashua New Hampshire 03060.

Our Moonshine Still Copper Models are Deluxe enough for you to throw them off a roof and they will still work.  Try it and you are covered by our warranty as long as you pay the shipping to and from our shop!

​A Flame Flow is an alcohol still for sale by Home Moonshiners Inc. Their  Home Distillery Kits help you shine on a dime.  Flame Flow Alcohol Stills heat up in half the time and they reduce scorching for a finer tasting liquor. Still Kits are built like our standard moonshine stills but are alot cheaper because its just the pieces, its not soldered.  You do the soldering.  

Moonshine Distilleries are a huge hit right now in 2022.  All accross the world people are making shine and then making their own different flavored liquors.  Some are even reselling for a profit, legally!  You can order a distillation unit easily by calling Us @ 1-502-337-3944.  Small moonshine stills for sale by Home Moonshiners Inc.  Contact us for details. 

Distilling in USA is the new craze. Buy a Moonshine Still today and have it in 2 days if you ask us how!  We sell individual moonshine still parts please check out our full catalog HERE.  Copper stills built by true New Hampshire Artisans.  Rum stills for sale by Home Moonshiners Inc. are guaranteed for life.  Call us for purchasing a moonshine still for sale.  We are sure to have the right copper moonshine still for you.  

Stove top still kits are in stock as well.  Put it right on your stove and distill in your kitchen. Consume alcohol from a distillery still for sale by HomeMoonshiners.comand you will not regret it. Stove top stills are cool to make rum because you can go to the bathroom nice and easy being so close to kitchen.

Still equipment for sale from is cheap in price and durable in quality.  A still from our shop is the easiest way to start distilling.  if you have any questions about any size moonshine still , please call us @ 1-502-337-3944.  We have copper moonshine still kits for sale and always have specials on small distillery equipment.  Buy a pot still for alcohol still manufacturing at home.  Home still kits are generally 1 to 15 gallons in size.  Purchase a still for distilling and make your own recipe or use ours which comes in the box in the directions or you can view them HERE @

If you are looking for moonshine still plans you should check out our moonshine still kits which you solder yourself.  We also have reflux still for sale as well.  You can buy any home distiller kit from us here.  Call us if you have any other questions.  

Use a Flame Flow to make real moonshine.  Make Cheap Moonshine by making if yourself in the comfort of your own home.  Buy a still from the best in the business.  Made in USA with lead free materials.  We have small moonshine stills to large sized units available.