A Moonshine Kit is also an option when considering to purchase a distillation unit. The Moonshine kit was introduced in 2017 as an alternative to buying complete units.  Home Moonshiners Inc. saw huge results selling Moonshine Kits Cheap to the masses.  A Kit is where the customer actually solders the unit themselves. CLICK HERE for more information on our Kits and Moonshine Accessories. You can save yourself multiple hundreds of dollars by buying a moonshine KIT.   A Copper Moonshine Still for sale by Home Moonshiners Inc. which comes as a KIT is manufactured ready to get clamped and soldered. Everything is in the box including the flux and solder

The size still you decide to buy is based off of how much shine you want to make.  if you want to make 1 gallon of shine pick a 6 gallon size.

2 gallon of shine pick a 10 gallon size.

3 gallons of shine pick a 15 gallon size.

4 gallons of shine pick a 20 gallon size.

and so on. 

Take into consideration that you can then cut down your shine with distilled water for even more shine.

Our Pot Stills usually put off 170 plus proof liquor with utilization of the thumper. 

Home Moonshiners Copper Distillers for Sale are pot stills built like the traditional appalachian moonshine stills were built back in the day.  Copper Moonshine Stills for Sale from Home Moonshiners come with a lifetime warranty. Home Distilling with a copper still has many benefits.  It does not have to be an appalachian style still, but you also make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer or distributor. copper stills for sale are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

ELECTRICAL ELEMENT UPGRADES are available for all copper moonshine still purchases.  Our Submerged Electric Heating Elements for Moonshine Stills are easy to operate as well as Install.  We can install a threaded adapter to your still upon shipment OR if you buy the element after the shipment you can easily just cut a hole in it and use the Locking nut and gasket to complete the seal for your NEW ELECTRIC MOONSHINE STILL.  We offer 110v and 220v solutions. Please CLICK HERE for more information. 

~~~~There are NO comparisons, my distillation units are the best units out there, made with 20 oz copper sheeting. The Traditional style moonshine still will always be popular. there are imitators, but please, look at the craftsmanship of my still and style and compare it to others, there is no competition. Every piece we send out gets tested before we ship it to guarantee another satisfied customer. ~

~~Moonshine stills have been around for centurys and there is currently a RENAISSANCE forming around hobby distilleries. With commercial and industrial distilleries popping up in cities by the dozens, an individual may ask themselves, "how hard is it to make my own spirits (make moonshine)"? Well, the answer may astound you. Upon recieving my still all you need to do is fill her up and heat her and still. THATS IT. please call me if you have any questions in regards to any of my products. I look forward to speaking with you. ~~

~~~~You can even use it inside, on a stove top, however i dont recommend doing so. All of my units are made with completely lead-free materials to ensure safety to my customers. All of the solder we use is completely lead free silver bearing solder and the flux is water soluble. we dont just slap these units together over here, we build these with pride, by hand, all year long. The Hobby Distillery market is exploding and i have been supplying customers with my stills for quite some time with ZERO complaints. This is why i am now offering a lifetime warranty certificate with every order. This ensures you the highest level of professionalism and guarantee behind our craftsmanship.~~ 


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Buying the right type of still is important. Obviously you don't want to buy a second unit.  We get that question alot.  What is a common size? What can i get out of a run? Is a 2 gallon still 2 gallons of shine or 2 gallon capacity?  How does the Electric Element work? How long until I get it. What is a thumper? Do you have Reflux stills? The list goes on and on... So lets break it down.

We Make Copper Pot Stills like the ones above. The thumper is in the middle.  you can take it out if you want, and it is kind of like a double purification unit which makes your finished product stronger proof.  Take it out and you will have lower proof.

Flame Flow is our very own Moonshine Still Design.  The Flame Flow was created in early 2015 as a way to heat up the moonshine still faster.  After many months of testing, we figured out the best positioning  for the copper tubes to shoot up through the moonshine still to heat up in half the time as our standard style moonshine stills.  Our Flame Flow also reduces scorching for a finer tasting liquor!!! CLICK HERE for our full lineup of Flame-Flow Units.

OUR FLAGSHIP MODEL.   Standard Copper Moonshine Still with Upgraded Thumper and Worm Kit big enough for up to a 30 gallon pot.  20 oz 22 guage copper.  Built In America with Lead Free Materials.  99.9% pure sheet copper built in New Hampshire with hands, not machines.  We have been in the business for over 8 years and THIS is our most popular product by far.   A Traditional Appalachian Style Copper Distiller Built By True New Hampshire Craftsmen. Sizes range from 1 gallon up to 300 Gallons.