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Fight or Flight

Is the End in Sight?


Since as far back as we can remember Humans have been evolving and surviving against all odds. We have come to the top of the food chain and are feared by all under us. However, who or what do we fear? Death, destruction, other humans? Poverty, diseases or just the unknown? With the possibility of our world ending at any split second there is no wonder why many people out there want to be prepared if destruction and calamity ensues.

How do we prolong life in the middle of difficult circumstances? Many people are preparing for the end at all costs. Whether it be an underground bunker, bomb shelter or maybe just stocking up on canned goods and bottled water. The most important part of survival is continuing to exist. Directly in the definition it states; it is the state of the fact of continuing to exist typically in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstance.  It is your human instinct to live and survive and continue on! Will you FIGHT or FLIGHT!

What happens when all the food runs out and all the clean bottled water is gone? Will you starve, die, or will you carry on? More importantly how will you survive? Lots of people are depending on supplies that are easily stocked and are instant to make. But like I said above what happens when that all runs out? Where will you get clean water? WATER!! The KEY to ALL life ON our Planet.

Picture this; months and months after death and destruction has occurred you’re down to your last bits of food and clean water, all the water sources around you are contaminated and polluted. Your family is thirsty and dying of dehydration. Your skin is beginning to turn leather like and continuing on is becoming more difficult. It looks to be your only option would to be to give up and drink the dirty water. So you do, it’s brown, dirty and taste horrible. This was your mistake. You survived this far only to be put down by the one thing your body said it needed. Water. Dirty Water!

Now Picture this; months and months after death and destruction has occurred you’re down to your last bits of food and clean water, all the water sources around you are contaminated and polluted. Your family is thirsty and dying of dehydration. Your skin is beginning to turn leather like and continuing on is becoming more difficult. You franticly look over all the provisions you have left.  Four bottles of water, some cans of beans and powered milk. You know that this stock will not take you more than two days to use up. You also have stock piles of seeds and dirt. But what are seeds without water, nothing.  When preparing for a disaster you knew to gather propane and plenty of ways to cook and light the darkness. One thing left to do now, you know you have to break out the distillation unit you bought from The Distillery Network, Inc.  back in 2015.

I know what is going through your head this is no time for moonshine, but really isn’t it the time for a drink? No? Ok..Ok.. Don’t you fret now the unit you bought will now save your life. You find the water source that is contaminated and bring it back to your bunker. You take your still and the dirty water and make it into clean distilled drinking water! You now hold the key to life, fresh clean water! You survived!

When you are faced with having to fight or flight and the whole world around you is crumbling and falling to pieces don’t fall with it. Live on and prosper don’t be the first you be the smart second you! Set yourself up for success! A Distillation unit not only can give you clean water its uses are many. So until you need your still to survive use it to thrive! Make perfume, marmalades, spirits, antiseptics and so much more! Start your own business or just enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Go to the The Distillery Network, Inc.  and start fighting for yourself today!