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Home Moonshiners Inc. 

“Be there for you”


Home Moonshiners Inc.  is a Copper Moonshine Still & Distillation Supplier whose mission is to “Produce High Quality Distillation Units and Sell them for Affordable Prices.” Stills are not only used to make moonshine they have other very valuable qualities. You can distill water, make essential oils, perfume, cosmetics and soaps. They can also be used for making food flavoring, adding senses to incense and house hold cleaning products. More important uses for a still would include making your own medical antiseptics and ethanol gas.

 “Owning a gun and owning a still can hold the same value when it comes to protecting our freedoms as American’s..These stills are a tool for survival. Whether life continues as normal or there is a natural disaster, these stills will leave you prepared for whatever comes your way”.

We are no longer in the age of alcohol probation. The laws changed long ago. You are now able to own and operate a still. The possibilities are unlimited! Maybe you are looking to start your own perfume business or cosmetics business and produce soaps and essential oils!

 Maybe you’re a prepper who wants to have all their ground covered. Having a still can be the difference between having clean drinking water and dying of thirst. You never know what you may encounter.

Maybe you’re a “DYI” type of person and you want to save money on gas. You can use the ethanol gas you make for your lawnmower, snow blower or chainsaw. The uses are endless when you make your own!

Whether you are a house wife who wants to make her own perfume or a prepper preparing for the worst a still is something that anyone and everyone can use to enhance their lives. Build your own business or save your life a still can be there for you. So be there for yourself and get to distilling with Home Moonshiners Inc. .