~~What you need to know about Moonshine Laws There were no moonshine laws back when Native American Indian tribes produced moonshine from native plants. There were also no moonshine laws when Scottish monks from the year 1100 A.D. were mixing a brew they aptly named “breath of life” aka Scottish Whiskey. Similarly, alcohol stills have long been in existence before the US Constitution was ever created. When civilization began, fermented alcohol drinks were produced as an alternative to dirty drinking water. Culturally, the public consumption of alcohol was a way for people and societies to communicate news and ideas. It was also a way to break the ice between strangers. Why then was the distillation of alcohol considered unlawful? Picture Moonshine Laws and its Origin Technically, moonshining is the illegal manufacture of alcohol. Based on historical records, outlawing alcohol production took some time – specifically centuries. However, despite current laws in different parts of the world where moonshine distilling is outlawed in the absence of a proper license, the process of distilling occurs regularly thus proving the strength of the human spirit to create distilled spirits. Rules to curb alcohol excess According to the 1629 Virginia Colonial Assembly, specific rules were created in order to stop people’s excessive consumption of alcohol and its related “evils.” A few of the rules instituted included the following: `No ministers were to drink excessively, riot or idly spend their time during the day or night.’ A 1637 law in Massachusetts demanded that no individual is to stay at an unnecessarily long time in a tavern. In 1633, Plymouth Colony outlawed the sale of spirits “more than 2 pence worth to anyone but strangers just arrived.” In the same year, a permit was required to be presented in order to sell liquor in the Massachusetts Colony. Plus, any behavior caused by drunkenness were to be slapped with fines. Unfortunately, none of these regulations minimized the rowdy behavior caused by alcohol. When the year 1773 came and the instituted rules did not bring change, John Wesley declared distilling to be a sin and so promoted its prohibition. However, as early as 1730 in Britain, alcoholic beverage was already seen negatively due to its harmful effects to the economy, society and the human body. Also, British farmers were seen to cultivate more ingredients for alcohol production compared to basic food items. The government thought that the more alcoholic beverage consumed by people, the less they would want to consume food thus producing less demand for edible goods. The result means less tax revenue to be collected. This perspective gave birth to the Gin Tax of 1736. But truthfully, the Gin Tax was actually a way for the British government to partake in the increased sale of gin. Meanwhile, despite the United States’ independence from Britain, it followed its colonizer’s way of federally taxing spirits and liquors in order to pay for the expenses lost from fighting a lengthy war. Naturally, farmers and moonshiners became angry and continued to produce whiskey. They also completely ignored the taxes they were supposed to pay. The government insisted to collect taxes by sending revenuers or government men to capture illegal distillers. Federal agents were then attacked, at times violently, by farmers and moonshiners. The Whiskey Rebellion Picture Citizens long disgruntled with the new government decided to rebel against George Washington’s militiamen in what is called the Whiskey Rebellion. Unfortunately, the moonshiners lost and their leaders were caught. Fortunately, it did not stop them from moonshining. Believe it or not, even the first president of the United States made moonshine. George Washington authorized his farm manager James Anderson to build a distillery and purchase a still. The farm manager was even permitted to convert the coopers shop mill to a distillery. Moonshine Laws in the 1860s Moonshiners worked with the Ku Klux Klan to fight the excise tax that are still being collected by US government in order to fund the Civil War. Prohibition during the 20th century The golden age for moonshine drinkers and makers was at the onset of the 20th century due to the imposition of Prohibition. When no legal alcohol was available, the demand for moonshine increased drastically. However, the need for it decreased upon the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933. Current Moonshine Laws Distilling alcohol is illegal in homes since federal law requires that one have a permit to do so. Distilleries that have acquired a license to produce moonshine have to pay state and federal taxes. Fortunately, moonshiners are still very much in operation. A chief law enforcement officer of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Mark Hutchens, claims that moonshine is still being made by “good ol’ fellas who are having fun with it more than anything else..” Image Source: http://www.ttb.gov/public_info/whisky_rebellion.shtml

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~~Most distillers – even current ones – have long used copper stills when producing alcohol. Why is copper preferred compared to other metals? One major reason is to preserve the tradition of using copper. Also, copper possesses numerous characteristics that make it easy and beneficial to use. Stills could be made from iron, aluminum, glass, steel, brass and clay. The best alcohol stills are either made from stainless steel or copper because both are effective heat conductors and do not allow harmful chemicals to infiltrate the distilled spirit. Plus, copper has been used in distilling alcohol for numerous years. It is also able to react on a molecular level with alcohol thus making the taste of distilled spirits better. Copper also reacts with sulfur – an element that has a foul taste and is naturally created when yeast ferments. During the distillation process, sulfur binds with copper and produces hydrogen sulfide thus forming copper sulfate. This sticks to the copper making it critical to clean and thoroughly scrub the still after every use. The cleaning makes the copper better since the smell of rotten egg is removed. Better flush that stench out than have it included in your liquor. Using copper is also beneficial. Besides copper stills, copper cookware has similarly been used for centuries. It also gives the impression of quality and age-old tradition. Essentially, copper when used in cooking, conducts heat efficiently. Aluminum cookware comes in close second. Copper conducts heat at the core metal in most cookware utensils. It also doesn’t develop hot spots and offers even cooking. It also allows heat to travel through the sides of the utensils thereby thoroughly distributing the heat. Chefs and professional cooks prefer copper as doing so allows precise temperatures to be easily maintained. However, copper pots are toxic and it could leach into food. Thus, they are usually lined with stainless steel. Overall, copper cookware is generally safe to use. Their linings could also be replaced if they are damaged. They are also light to handle. Compared to cast iron cookware which are heavy for daily use, copper has an even weight. Meanwhile, titanium pans are too light they feel flimsy while copper is generally easy to handle. Aesthetic-wise, people prefer copper because of its sheer luminosity. Technically, copper stills could be considered as functional art. It also brings out the beauty of any kitchen specially when copper cookware is hanging from a rack. All in all, copper stills as well as copper cookware are must-haves in kitchens and homes of those who prefer to not just see art but want to cook or distill with it. The presence of copper stills in homes does not necessarily mean it is illegal. Unless you are distilling alcohol with it, such stills are fine to own. If you do decide to distill alcohol, you simply need to acquire a license to do so. 

~~Barbecue sauce made from moonshine Picture This recipe is from The Spur Bar and Grill. Take note that this moonshine-laden barbecue sauce is best used for buffalo grilled ribs. Preparation time for this recipe is set at just over thirty minutes. However, the actual cooking time is approximately six hours. It will yield four servings. You will need: A cup of diced yellow onions, a tablespoon of chopped garlic, a tablespoon of chopped horseradish, half a cup of 100-proof Moonshine or Vodka, four cups diced pineapple, four cups of diced tomatoes, a quarter cup of molasses, half a cup of cider vinegar, a quarter cup of honey, half a cup of brown sugar, a tablespoon of mustard dried powder, two tablespoons of dried oregan, three bay leaves, half a cup of Worcestershire sauce, four cups of ketchup, three pounds of Buffalo ribs, fresh ground black pepper, salt, olive oil, a cup of water, grilled pineapple (to serve as a garnish), slices of lime (also for garnish). First step: Preheat the oven to approximately 350 degrees F and put the grill to medium-high. Then, using a large saucepan, sauté the garlic, onion, horseradish on medium-high heat. Second step: Add the moonshine or vodka. Using a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon, scrape the small bits of the deglazed sauté off the bottom. Include the tomatoes, pineapple and allow these to simmer for at least ten minutes. Third step: Add in vinegar, molasses, honey, mustard powder, sugar, bay leaves, oregano, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Simmer for two hours. Fourth step: Season the buffalo ribs with fresh ground black pepper and salt. Rub the ribs with olive oil. Then, grill for approximately five minutes each side. Fifth step: Place the ribs in a braising pan and pour half of the sauce on the ribs. Cover the pan. Save the rest of the sauce for when the ribs are placed on plates. Add a cup of water to the buffalo ribs and allow it to simmer for three to four hours more or until you see the meat has tenderized enough but still sticks on the bone. When done, separate the ribs from the liquid. Source: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/grilled-buffalo-ribs-with-pineapple-moonshine-bbq-sauce-recipe/index.html

~~Moonshine Pie Recipe Picture This moonshine recipe is from the site BeautyFrosting.com and was made by a moonshiner’s kid. It is said to perfectly complement chocolate chips, pecans and coconut. Those who have tasted the pie claims it is “AMAZING!” The creator of BeautyFrosting.com generously shares the recipe to those who want to not just drink moonshine but eat it as well. For the moonshine pie crust: BeautyFrosting.com recommends using a store-bought pie shell. However, she advises that you use any recipe you like. Serve with vanilla bean whipped cream and enjoy! Do not forget to share your pie too! You will need: Half a cup of butter, half a cup of brown sugar, half a cup of granulated sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, two tablespoon of all-purpose flour, three extra large eggs, half a cup of evaporated milk, a quarter cup of moonshine, half a cup of dark corn syrup, a cup of pecan halves, half a cup of chocolate chips, half a cup of sweetened shredded coconut. What to do: Preheat the oven to a temperature of 400 degrees. Then, in a large bowl, cream the butter and include vanilla and sugar. Mix all of them thoroughly. Beat the eggs one at a time. Stir in the corn syrup, moonshine and evaporated milk. Add coconut, pecans and chocolate chips. Combine it all together. Then, bake for ten minutes. Decrease the heat to approximately 325 degrees and bake for forty minutes or until you see the pie is firm. The pie should not be runny sd it must jiggle ever so slightly. Allow the pie to cool and serve it with vanilla whipped cream if you want. Source:http://www.beautyfrosting.com/recipe-box-beautyfrostings-moonshine-pie

~~Sugar-based 'shine Picture Making moonshine is easy. It is making good-tasting moonshine that most would find difficult. For some people, the process of making moonshine could be considered almost an art. Essentially, time and tons of practice are necessary in order to perfect the technique. There is no single definitive way to make moonshine. There are tons of variations available since each distiller or moonshiner puts their own twist to the brew. But the following is the most basic and simple recipe that you are free to modify as according to your preference. Ingredients You will need distilled water, sugar and a packet of 48 Hours Turbo Yeast. Equipment You will need a moonshine copper still and any available equipment present in your kitchen. You will need a fermenting bucket that has an air lock , a pot still, a filtering tower preferably filled with activated carbon, a stove (or any heat source), a water source, test jar, hydrometer, cooking thermometer, a large spoon. NOTE: Never use plastic when making moonshine specially when collecting the distillate. Plastic easily melts and burns when it comes in contact with potent moonshine. It is also a fire hazard. Instructions Before you start, make sure all the equipment that will be used are clean and free from contamination. Remember that the tiniest spec could spoil the entire moonshine batch. Fermentation In approximately eight liters of hot water, dissolve sugar inside a fermentation bucket. Then, add cold water (approximately 17 liters) and mix them all together. Allow the temperature to reach 80 degrees C as this is enough for the yeast to dissolve. If the temperature reaches 90 degrees C, the yeast could be destroyed. Dissolve the turbo yeast together with the mix. Make sure the yeast particles are dissolved completely. After which, seal securely the fermentation vessel by adding in the air lock. Make sure the air lock is filled half-full with water as doing so helps prevent any foreign matter from coming in the container. At the same time, gases are permitted to escape. Allow the batch to ferment for three to ten days at a temperature of 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C. The duration of fermentation will depend on the quantity of sugar used as well as air temperature. Once the mash reaches level 990 on the hydrometer, the mash is ready to be distilled. Distillation This process would require a still. There are two kinds of stills which you can use, a column still and a pot still. Pot stills make it easier for impurities to enter the distillate thereby allowing the moonshine to achieve a richer flavor. If you are to use this equipment, ensure that the boiler is completely filled up. It has to fill 85% of the volume of the still. Then, assemble the still by placing the boiler on the heat source. Power on the heat source to high until you see the temperature of the steam reach to 78 degrees C or 173 degrees F (ethanol’s boiling temperature). Then, remove any liquid that enters the still prior to it reaching your desired temperature. Doing so helps remove any methanol alcohol (considered as the foreshots). Polish The process of polishing is also known as filtering. When moonshine is polished, activated carbon is usually used as this helps remove colors, odors, toxic compounds, fusil oils and organic pollutants from the moonshine drink. Activated carbon is the same filter used by large distillers to polish their distilled spirits. However, if you intend to retain the flavor of your moonshine, do not use activated carbon. Source: http://www.homedistillingequipment.com/blog/how-to-make-moonshine/ Image Source: http://www.uppgrader.com/2011/06/the-original-moonshine/ Corn Mash Picture This moonshine recipe is easy to do and comes from J.W. Walstad’s book Simple Sour Mash to Simple Alcohol Fuel. Plus, it is inexpensive to make. This recipe is perfect for any beginner as it does not need expert skill and tons of cooking. This moonshine mash recipe will produce five gallons. In order to make it, you must have five gallons of filtered water, seven pounds of granulated sugar, seven pounds of cracked corn and a tablespoon-full of yeast. Unlike cooked mash, this moonshine mash recipe does not require grains in order to acquire starch. Corn is generally used for the flavor while sugar is present in order to extract alcohol from. Once mash is left uncooked, the starch will be converted to sugar efficiently. Also, the additional sugar will easily ferment and therefore provide the most alcohol. The first run usually produces sweet liquid. The second will produce a sour mash batch. The mash’s flavor and consistency usually becomes evident during the third and fourth run. The first ferment Place the ingredients inside the fermenter and seal it. You will see the sugar go through the fermentation process in approximately twelve hours. For the ebullition process to come to a complete halt, three to four days is enough. Then, siphon off the liquid from the fermenting vessel and charge your still. The most effective method is to ensure that the liquid is siphoned off from the lees’ top. Then, remove suspended solids. Try not to keep the fermenter empty. Place water back to the fermenter in order to avoid the yeast from being destroyed during the distillation process. If there is any corn remaining at the top, scoop these off and replace them with an equal number of cracked corn. Basics of pot distillation The first kind of pot distillation is usually done through a conventional pot still. Such a still has no cooling neck or column. The produced distillate therefore has low proof compared to a distillate which passes through a reflux still with a fractionating or splitting column. Such a technique requires more than a single run. Meanwhile, a reflux still has a column which could be left to cool during the process of distillation. This still is considered more efficient as it could create a high proof quality spirit in a single run. The first run Distill your wash in a pot ensuring that the process is run slowly but surely. If you are a novice distiller, it is ideal for two to three drops to be seen every second. Upon collecting the distillate, place 4 to 5 drops on a spoon as well as equal quantities of water. Then, proceed to taste. Once you do, you will quickly recognize any heads which have an off-taste. Throw away 150 ml or about 5 ounces of collected liquid to remove any methanol build-up. All in all, the process of how to make moonshine mash requires patience and a deep desire to learn and go through the distillation. Essentially, making moonshine is not for the faint of heart. It requires continued attention and discipline. If you are prepared to do all these, then stop reading and start doing! Margarita Moonshine Picture This recipe is from Jim Marshall and The Cove Memphis. Feel free to try it out and tell us what you think. It is reportedly easy to do. Total preparation time for this Margarita Moonshine recipe is five minutes and yields a single serving. You will need the following ingredients: An ounce of lime juice, half an ounce of orange juice, a teaspoon of granulated sugar, an ounce of moonshine, ice, a lime wedge, sea salt or margarita salt. First step: Combine lime juice, sugar and orange juice in a bar glass or cocktail shaker. Add in the moonshine and place ice in the cocktail shaker. Cover and shake it well. Run around the chilled cocktail glass’ rim a lime wedge. Also, dip the rim in salt. Strain the clear liquid goodness in the glass and serve. Enjoy! Source: http://www.cookingchannel tv.com/recipes/moonshine-margarita-recipe/index.html Make Moonshine Jello Shots Picture Below are various moonshine jello shot recipes to tickle your parched palates. If you are new to drinking moonshine fresh from a moonshine still and you want to taste this delectably potent hooch without losing your life or going blind, the best thing to do is make a moonshine jello shot – it’s full of flavor but it contains less alcohol compared to a pure shot of moonshine. It’s perfect for those who want to have a taste of clear liquid goodness without being totally turned off by it. You can use moonshine or vodka for this recipe. Feel free to use an alcoholic beverage that suits your preference. These Jello shots are ideal in cocktails. What you will need: 10 oz of moonshine or vodka (take note of the quantities you feel comfortable using) 2-3 oz Jello packages (in any flavor you like). Two cups of boiling water. A cup of cold water. First step: Place two cups of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Place the contents of the Jello package in the bowl. Stir the mixture until the Jello powder dissolves. Second step: Pour in the vodka or moonshine. Then, include cold water. Voila! You can now place these in small paper cups and chill! Allow these to sit in the fridge for at least four hours. The process is that simple and easy. Feel free to change this recipe as according to your likes and dislikes. You could also add in Mandarin Sparkling Orange Jello flavor package for a more zesty kick as well as half a cup of grenadine. If you want to make Jello Shots from Margarita, the best Jello package flavor is lime. Adding in half a cup of tequila and a quarter cup of Triple Sec wouldn’t hurt. If you are looking to make Amaretto Sour Jello Shots, you will definitely need a cup of Amaretto, two packages of three-ounce lime Jello flavor and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Another tasty Jello Shot recipe involves chocolate covered cherry and requires the use of a three-ounce cherry Jello flavor package, three ounces of crème de cacado, an ounce of vodka, a cup of boiling water, Maraschino cherries, four ounces of white rum, whipped cream. Allow the cherries to soak in the rum. Then, put a cherry inside each paper cup. Mix the Jello flavor in the boiling water and stir. Allow this to cool. After which, add in the cacao and vodka to the cups. Add in a little of the rum and chill for at least four hours. Top all these with whipped cream and serve! Remember that the more alcohol you place in the Jello shots, the less flavorful they will taste. Doing so defeats the purpose of making a Jello shot as it serves to initiate the novice hard drinker to the world of serious alcohol. Be aware that a Jello shot is supposed to give one a buzz but it should also be flavorfully sweet and good. The recipes outlined here are simple. The idea is to make a great tasting concoction with minimal effort. It’s not like your making a whiskey batch from a moonshine still, you’re simply freezing water – alcohol water that is. Marinade made from chipotle, lime and moonshine Picture Moonshine need not be reserved only for your liquor cabinet. Why drink moonshine when you can eat it like food? Seriously! This recipe will make you want to eat moonshine off your plate. This is a creative way to serve this age-old clear liquid goodness minus most of the alcohol content. Believe it or not, the alcohol proof present in moonshine helps cut through the heat from the chipotle that is included in this dish. The end result is a balanced flavor of spice and heat. You can try this recipe with chicken since the depth of spices present in this moonshine marinade will be evident from the first few tastes. Essentially, this recipe has a kick, it is one that you will savor and probably even crave for. You will need the following ingredients: A can of chipotle in adobe, four to five garlic cloves, a cup of brown sugar, juice from two limes, a tablespoon of olive oil, half a cup of moonshine, cilantro and salt. First step: Combine all the ingredients inside a food processor and press the “puree” button. Voila! You’re done. Second step: All you have to do now is select food items to marinate. You can choose to marinate chicken. Cut a few chicken pieces and put these in a plastic bag. Pour the marinade in the same bag then seal. The goal is to let the meat soak the delicious spiciness of the marinade for a minimum of one hour. The longer the meat stays with the marinade, the better it will taste. Third step: The next step is to cook the marinated meat. Heat a large frying pan on medium heat. Then, place the marinated chicken in the pan. Cook the chicken until you reach the desired temperature. Once the meat is cooked, feel free to place the meat on your favorite pizza, taco or burrito. If you’re Asian, you can eat the marinated chicken along with rice. Enjoy! Ever tasted something marinated with moonshine? Now you can authentically say you have. Source: http://sports-glutton.com/2012/09/12/moonshine-chipotle-lime-marinade/

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