Upon Purchasing a distillation unit, you are immediately opened to a new world full of opportunities.  The list goes on, and on, and on, and on.  EVERYONE NEEDS ONE  

Our process has been passed down from generation to generation and we continue to take pride in how we build our products.  Please take the time and review our positive feedback

If you ever are dis-satisfied, even 10 years from now, I am willing repair your unit free of charge!

All of our products are sold at the most competitive prices, however, occasionally we offer promotions.  Feel free to check out what promotions we have available


We all know what a Distillation Unit is; in one form or another.  But, have you ever actually used one?  Every household in the world needs to own one of my units. These apparatuses make it possible to survive the toughest conditions.  Stop relying on foreign oil and big banks.  What you need is to be self sufficient.  Purchasing a distillation unit is your first step towards freedom!

  • Ethanol Stills
  • Essential Oil Stills
  • Reflux Stills
  • Copper Wind Chimes
  • Custom Grills
  • Grill/Still Combo
  • Copper Wall Hangings

Do you know anyone who makes their own gas, liquor, beer, purified water, antiseptic, essential oil, marijuana hash oils ?  I do, and they love the freedom that comes with owning one of my distillation units.

You can be assured, with our 100% unconditional, 30 day, money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase!

Please call us with any and all questions 603-997-6786

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  • Ethanol Gas

  • Essential Oils
  • Anti-septic
  • Purified Water
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Hash Oil

Built by New Hampshire Artisans In the "HISTORIC" Mill Buildings of Manchester, New Hampshire.